This has truly been the most fulfilling work of my life and has been a way for me to keep the legacy of my mother alive. It feels good to help others the way I wished to have helped my own mother.”

Christina ( Tina) Faraj Savarese is The Bra Fit Expert. Full of life and passion, her demeanor is infectious and translates well into her business. Part fit consultant and best friend, Christina maintains that every woman can feel comfortable and look amazing in their clothes regardless of their size or special need. Transplanted from Seattle, Washington over 15 years ago where her dream began, Christina headed to New York to find her calling. Little did she know her it was tucked away in her heart long before coming to the big apple! 
Her passion and devotion began at the age of 17, when Christina lost her beloved mother, Eleanor to breast cancer. With a heart full of love and yearning to help others, she started a job out of college at the prestigious Seattle Flagship Nordstrom store within the lingerie department. It was here she became a certified bra fitter, and Certified Post Mastecomy Fitter. Being able to work with women post breast surgery, helping them find the proper prosthetics and lingerie was a great way to honor her mothers legacy.
From personal experience, Christina, who had always been a larger size herself began the quest for the best fitting bra. She notes, “Finally wearing a bra that fit me after all those years of backaches and feeling uncomfortable changed everything from the types of clothes I wore to how I felt and dramatically boosted my confidence! If only I had been professionally fit for a bra I probably would have saved myself years of agony.
Her move to New York City meant continuing the journey with Nordstrom and what a journey it was! Taking two subways and a commuter train each day from Brooklyn to Westchester! Shortly after she landed herself a wonderful opportunity working with Underneath It All in New York City in 2003. It was here she was able to learn the workings of a running a small business, and be able to focus her work on helping breast cancer patients regain their confidence and feminity after surgery.

In 2009, Christina started her own business, Eleanor K LLC, dba The Bra Fit Expert. As The Bra Fit Expert Christina would have “fit parties” in NYC and The Hudson Valley, as well as an online shopping site. Today, Christina resides in Cornwall in Hudson, NY with her husband, Anthony and two young children. You can find fitting in her mini-boutique inside Echo Womens clothing store on Beacon’s bustling main street. She also still does house calls locally!