What do I need for an essential bra wardrobe?

​The Bra Fit Expert can help you build the best bra wardrobe to fit your style. Seamless tshirt bras, strapless/convertible bras, sport bras, sexy lace bras are all part of an essential bra wardrobe. Schedule an appointment today

Having the right bra fit is like a secret weapon everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom. Tina makes getting fitted a fun and stress-free experience and the results are truly life-changing! I gained confidence along with a sleeker silhouette. I recommend her to all my friends (the good ones).
– Summer

​Tina Faraj makes magic in all shapes and sizes - in addition to being genuinely caring about how you (and your twins) look and feel, she brings unique professional and personal experience stemming from her background as a specialist who counsels women after mastectomy/double mastectomy, and a lifetime of working with her own natural, beautifully buxom anatomy. I've been to some popular "NYC institution" bra fitters and nothing they put me in looks as nice as Tina's recommendations. I get compliments and attention all the time when wearing her selections, and learned that my strap size makes a "huge" difference - very important to a wee-B cup like me. Thanks for everything, Tina!!

I'm a happy, perky lady wearing my new pretty bra and panties….what a difference it makes when you feel better about your undergarments!– Andrea​

Tina of The Bra Fit Expert is fantastic! Her fittings are spot on and works with you to find the perfect bra. When I first got fitted by Tina I was wearing a smaller size than I what was appropriate for me. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to wear the proper size - my posture, my silhouette, and comfort level have all benefitted! Also, Tina's selection is beautiful and if she doesn't have a bra in stock she works with you to order the right one. I've been going to Tina for all my bras since I first got fitted over five years ago and recommend her to all my girlfriends!– Pamela ​